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Guidelines for Starting a Let's Peer Up School Club

  1. Support LPU’s mission, and be willing to commit at least a year.

  2. Find a staff facilitator from your school.  (Although it's called a club, this club is different from other school clubs.  The facilitator doesn't have nearly as much work).  LPU times between peers are very flexible, Peers can spend social time at their own convenience: lunch, school bus, after school, etc.  The club might have events 2-3 times during an entire school year, such as a seminar, game night, movie, ice cream social, book sharing, party, etc.  These special events will be the time the staff facilitator needs to be present.

  3. Recruit other students as members and officers.  Regular members should commit at least 50 hours per year to a peer group (one hour per week on average).  Officers are expected to commit 100 hours per year, of which at least 50 hours are devoted to club operations outside of any peer groups.  We strongly encourage clubs to look for a diverse membership that reflects the broad community.

  4. Pass out flyers, broadcast on the school radio, make announcements at school assemblies, etc. Try to use any available opportunity to promote the club.

  5. If you have at least 3 officers and at least 1 peer group, then congratulations, you started an LPU school club!

  6. Contact LPU by email letspeerup@gmail.com to get your club number.   Your school club will be marked on LPU’s map, and receive help from LPU.

  7. LPU’s board positions are open to those who have served as school club officers at least one year.

  8. If a school does not support clubs, it is still possible to form a club outside of school.  The club will not be able to use school facilities to hold club events, and alternative arrangements will need to be made.  Please contact LPU for help it this is the case.

  9. If you have any questions, please contact LPU.